Mesopotamian Black / Thrash Metal from Jerusalem.


"The War On The Wailing Wall"-Demo Tape-1997
"Satanic War In Jerusalem"-Demo-1998
"The War On The Wailing Wall- Debut Album-1999
"At War Against God" E.p-2001
"Satanic War In Jerusalem" - 2002
"Visual Chaos Invasion" -Dvd 2003
"The Demon From The Ancient World" -2005
"Desert Battles-descending to the sands"-2009
"The War On The wailing Wall" - remaster 2009
"Magen Jerusalem"-7" -2009
"The Ultimate War"-Dvd -2010
"Satanic War In Jerusalem 666" (remster including the E.p "At War Against God")-2011
"Desert Genii Storm" single-2013
"GENIEWAR" -2015
"Middle Eastern Battlefield" double DVD -2016

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09/ 1997 - ARALLU was formed as a one member band by Butchered "The Hell Warrior" (The Genie) in Jerusalem.

04/1998 - ARALLU released the first demo tape: "The War On The Wailing Wall" which sold out.

02/1999 the second demo was born: "Satanic War in Jerusalem" which was never released.

12/1999 - the first full length album "THE WAR ON THE WAILING WALL" was released.

05/2001 - ARALLU released the E.P "AT WAR AGAINST GOD" (66 copies only) .

12/2001- the seconed full Album"SATANIC WAR IN JERUSALEM" released by "RAVEN MUSIC".

04/2003 - yonatan join to ARALLU as a band member on the drums section.

09/2003 - Butchered's brother, Beni Daniel, was kidnapped and held for ransom by Columbian guerilla's from the ELN organisation. Butchered flew to Columbia to successfully negotiate his brother's release after 102 days of incarceration.To celebrate Beni Daniel's release the siblings appeared onstage together at an ARALLU show "LIVE VICTORY" at Barbie club in Tel-Aviv during March of 2004.
this case brought the inspiration for ARALLU's third album in the song "SIERRA NEVADA".

11/2003 The first DVD- "VISUAL CHAOS INVASION" was released.

01/2004 - ARALLU recored sketches of 7 new songs (MARCHING FOR WAR) which brought the signing with "EPIDEMIE RECOREDS" for the 3th album.

09/2005 - the 3th Album "THE DEMON FROM THE ANCIENT WORLD" was released by "EPIDEMIE RECOREDS".

11/2005 - T.K.O.R has join to ARALLU on the second Guitar near AVI as a band memebr.

09/2006 - YANIV ZADA "SOUL BEATING" has join to ARALLU on the Doom
percussion instruments and Wind instruments, as a band memeber.

08/2007- Gal "PIXEL" has join to ARALLU as a new member and replace AVI on the second Guitar.

09/2007 ARALLU perform with the legend norway black metal band "MAYHEM" in tel aviv.

11/2007 ARALLU recored a 7 new songs, sketches ("Ruchot Millchama") which brought the signing with "RAVEN MUSIC" again for the 4th album"DESERT BATTLES- Descending To The Sands".

01/2008 ARALLU interviewed for the metal film "Global Metal" by sam Dunn

01-09/2008 ARALLU enter the studio to rec. the new album "DESERT BATTLES- Descending To The Sands" as expected to release march 2009 by "RAVEN MUSIC".

04/2009- ARALLU 4th album "DESERT BATTLES- Descending To The Sands" released by "RAVEN music .

08/2009 ARALLU "THE WAR ON THE WAILING WALL" new version released by "RAVEN MUSIC"

08/2009 ARALLU open for the Polish metal monster "BEHEMOTH" in Barbi Club Tlv.

10/2009 ARALLU "MAGEN JERUSALEM" 7" e.p as expected to released by "Legion Of Death rec. france." September 2009

01/2010 SERGEI Metalheart join to ARALLU as a band member and replace T.K.O.R on the guitar section.

02/2010 the second DVD "THE ULTIMATE WAR was released by Raven Music.

09/2011 "SATANIC WAR IN JERUSALEM 666" Released by "Raven Music״. This release is remaster of the secund album from 2002 included the E.p from 2001 "AT WAR AGAINST GOD" + special bonus tracks.

09/2011 ARALLU went the first Europe Tour for 5 dates in Switzerland, Germany and Austria toghter with Angry Buddah and Head-z.

02/12 "SATANIC WAR IN JERUSALEM 666" released by "Raven Music" as a re-master.

10/12 ARALLU went the second Europe Tour for 5 dates togather with Angry Budhha in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

09/12 ARALLU start working for the 5th album of the band.

10/12 ARALLU enter the studio rec. a new single "DESERT GENII STORM" the first song of the new album, by "Sourmash Studio" by dave snow Switzerland.

05/13 ARALLU open for the mighty ENSLAVED in riding club Tel Aviv.

10/13 ARALLU went the third European tour for 8 dates togather with Angry Budhha .

01/14 ASSAF K "Blast Machine" has joined to ARALLU and replace Yonatan on the Drums section.

02/14 ARALLU are enter the studio to rec. the 5th album of the band "GENIEWAR" as expected to release Jan 2015 via "RAVEN MUSIC"

08/14 ARALLU open for the second time to mighty "BEHEMOTH" in Riding 3 Tlv.

9/14 Omri join to ARALLU as a band member and replace SERGEI Metalheart on the guitar section.

2/2015 ARALLU fifth album "GENIEWAR" released via Raven Music"

3/2015 ARALLU preformed "Master Of Persia" metal fest in Turkey

12/2015 ARALLU preformed with the swedish metal monsters "Marduk" and "Tribulation"

6/2016 "Middle Eastern Battlefield" the 3rd (double) DVD of the band released.

6/2016 ARALLU preformed in "MetalGate Czech Death Fest" Czech Republic.

7/2016 ARALLU start working for the 6th studio album

2/2017 ARALLU to sign "Transcending Obscurity rec" for a new

4/2017 ARALLU sign for touring "Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany for 9 full shows via "MetalGate booking agency".

9/2017 "SIX" album released via "Transcending Obscurity rec"

This world of hatred always will bring to ARALLU inspiration for the nexts albums...

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