Demiurgon are an italian death metal band born in 2015. Our first full lenght album titled "Above the unworthy", has been mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studios by Saul Morabito while the cover artwork is credited to Par Oloffson.

This band was mainly born from the ashes of a previous band called Hatred, which released a full lenght album in 2011 (titled "The bleeding architecture") and a 4 way split cd in 2014 (titled "Quadrum plague split") together with Cenotaph, Mortal torment and Demoniacal Genuflection, published by Coyote records.

Line up includes members from Unbirth (brutal death metal) and Darkend (black metal) and the main aim is to produce quality death metal inspired by the likes of Hate Eternal, Immolation or Internecine.


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