Blind Man Death Stare

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Blind Man Death Stare – Dynamo, Zürich

Support: Fluffy Machine (CH)

Blind Man Death Stare (AUS)

Australia’s hardest working DIY punk rock band. Touring the world playing music pretty badly so thanks for the continued support. Without you, it’d just be us. Raising the middle finger to the corporate fascist elite everyday. Anti sexist. Anti racist. Anti state. Pro equality. Pro BDSM. Pro party. Fuck labels. We have fun here so come join in and watch us make fools out of ourselves.

Fluffy Machine (CH)

Fluffy Machine is a Swiss punk quartet of degenerate apes who fail to play any song at a reasonable speed. Heavily influenced by melodic punk bands like NOFX, Bad Religion & Frenzal Rhomb, we strive to make the most out of every concert with our deeply childish lyrics, weird baby-faces, awkward silences & improper humor.

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